Friday, May 12, 2023

Software I use on Windows 10/11 PCs:

7-Zip -


AS SSD Benchmark -

ATTO Disk Benchmark -

Audacity -

Autoruns -

CCleaner - 


Crystal Disk Info -

Degath's Ducker -

Everything Search -

Fan Control -

Firefox -

Foobar2000 -


HD Tune Pro -

HW Monitor -

Jingle Palette -

Malwarebytes -

Media Player Classic -

Microsoft Edge -

Mp3tag - 

OldNewExplorer -

Open Broadcaster Software - 

Open Hardware Monitor -

Open Shell Menu -

Oracle VM VirtualBox -

Orban Loudness Meter -

PowerRun -

Rufus -

Share Mouse -

StartAllBack -

Stereo Tool -

TeamViewer -

Thunderbird -

USBDeview -

VLC Media Player -

Winaero Tweaker -

1 comment:

  1. Suppose I also use a music player from this list. No so bad VLC media player. But does it make sense to download separately the software for each extension of the type txt, rar, and eventually

    this software doesn't know even how to open .7z files? Too cumbersome. If I run the same programs, I'll finally freeze my PC.
    That's why I didn't do this and just used the universal file viewer, this solution opened me the opportunity to work with more than 250 file extensions.

    Is it convenient to you?


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